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AirCourt began through the interdisciplinary Crocker Innovation Fellowship at Brigham Young University. We sought out to improve the experience of people in the pickleball community who have struggled to find an open pickleball court, and help cities receive court usage data to aid them in city planning. By providing real time data on the occupancy of courts, people can look ahead of time to see where an open court is so they can spend less time waiting and more time playing.


Though we began with just pickleball, we quickly found the need for data on all types of facilities. From pickleball courts to events spaces to dog parks, AirCourt sensors can give cities the proper insight into how their constituents are using each facility. This data allows cities to better justify and  invest their time and money into projects that will create a better experience for their community. Individuals in return will benefit by knowing where they can go to connect with others and enjoy the activities available to them.


We aim to provide cities and event planners with the data to make informed decisions on where the community will best benefit. Our sensors not only help future planning but provide real time data to individuals about facility occupancy allowing them to not waste time waiting on the crowds, but doing what they love.

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Our goal is to connect all individuals with their community and city. We want to unlock all cities' potential to make data informed decision to provide the best services for those they serve.

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